A Small Village with a Big Future


The range of products varies from coffee, honey, tea, macadamia nuts and soaps which are produced at its finest quality. However, it is not just about the highly regarded flavours or the diversification of products that set Doi Chaang apart from other regional producers. It is the unique business model, a rich heritage story and set-up like no other that is breaking grounds and paving paths.

The Doi Chaang Coffee Company builds its foundation on the “three pillars of sustainability” which are the three Ps: people, planet and profit. The village of Doi Chaang can look forward to a bright future with a secured livelihood. The stringent cultivation control takes care of the environment as the farmers practice careful and cautious sustainable techniques. From the hard work and dedication towards Doi Chaang Coffee, all parties involved enjoy prosperity all year round. With this achievement of triple bottom line, Doi Chaang Coffee presents the world a special everlasting cup of coffee.