To be a world class Arabica coffee cultivator and processor, farmers of Doi Chaang village have established an Academy to aid in improving their skills, knowledge and abilities. It is located adjacent to the main processing facility and the objectives of the Academy are enforcing education, improving living environment and creation of wealth. Farmers are taught how to process the beans in the new facilities and also receiving education with regards to plant selection, harvesting techniques and financial management which help to maintain the stringent beans quality control.

The benefits of cultivating their coffee plantation under the canopy of shade trees are being educated towards each farmer. It allows plantation expansion without any negative impact to the environment. With clear cut sections from past crop productions now being filled with a variety of fruit and nut trees, bushes and plants, coffee cultivation will expand within the natural setting and continue to receive the benefits of growing under the protection of a canopy of trees. The shade slows down the bean’s growth allowing the natural sugars to concentrate which intensify the bean flavour. The increased productivity of the cultivation methods provides sustainable agriculture and the canopy allows cultivation for various crops which provide food and financial means to support and diversify the village’s economy.


The Academy has benefited many Doi Chaang farmers which is reflected in the improved productivity. The success leads to substantial facility and accommodations for young farmers who are motivated towards this education so that they can contribute to the productivity of their neighbours. In total, the facility has 57 pillars, each representing a Akha family living in Doi Chaang region and hence making it the largest Akha house in the world.


The Academy and other facilities are 100% funded from the proceeds made from the coffee company. There is absolute no education fees for the farmers to receive the education as the goal is very focus on quality cultivation and processing knowledge and skills. This investment of “Doi Chaang Academy of Coffee” is the sustainable pillar for current and future of Doi Chaang coffee. The farmers are proud of their success and strive to attain superior quality of the coffee beans to meet the ever increasing demand for Doi Chaang Coffee.